Playing Soccer in Cold Weather

We've had a great and relatively warm soccer season here in New Jersey. With the last few weeks of the
season coming up the weather is poised to turn colder. While much of Europe plays soccer though the winter months, we typically move indoors to smaller 7-7 or smaller type games and training.

Preparing for your last few, cold games

  • Dress in warm socks and thermal underwear, or spandex-type underclothing, avoid cotton 
  • Be sure to adequately warm up before your games. It is easier to get injured during colder weather
  • Warm up with Sweats and and a jacket
  • Wear warm headgear
  • Bring a water repellent jacket for the sidelines if raining or snowing
  • Drink plenty of water. Even in cold weather you can dehydrate
Even in cold weather soccer can be fun if your properly prepared. So make a list of the things you'll need and be prepared.

Note: This article is for entertainment purposes only. Always follow the advice of your league and coaches no matter the playing conditions.