Field Marshall Instructions

General Information:

Ø  Arrive at your assigned field 20 minutes before your scheduled game time.
Ø  Each field will have a ball bag containing the following:

1.        Field Marshal Instructions
2.        KOC Rules of Competition
3.        Map Showing All Sites and Layout of Fields
4.        Clipboard & Pen
5.        2-4 balls (large field 2 #4 and 2 #5; small field:  2 #4
6.        Field Marshal Pinnie  (must be worn at all times)
7.        Game Report Cards
8.        ( 2) Ziplocs for Players’ and Coaches’ Passes
You are to remain at the field until your scheduled game is completed.  Ensure that the next field marshal has arrived, so that you may turn over the materials to him/her.  If the next field marshal has not arrived and the next game is to begin, notify the venue headquarters.



Ø  Collect ball bag from previous field marshal. 
Ø  Introduce yourself to both coaches.  Ask the coaches if they have, any questions regarding the tournament rules.  You should be aware of which team is the “home” team (listed first on the game report card).
Ø  Introduce yourself to the referee; hand the referee the game report card for the next scheduled game.
Ø  Inspections should be completed 10 minutes prior to game time.  Inspect each player’s equipment to make sure they have shin guards and acceptable cleats (no baseball/football cleats).  No jewelry, hard hair ornaments, or hard casts are allowed (NOTE: properly padded soft casts are allowed only with the approval of the Head Tournament referee); knee braces should be OK, if properly covered.  Refer to rule 14 (KOC 2016 Rules of Competition) for complete players’ equipment rules.
Ø  Collect and check the coaches’ and players’ passes and hold them until the end of the game, (ziplock is provided for this purpose).  All coaches must have a coaches’ pass and each team must have at least 1 coach and maximum of 3.
Ø  Any player or coach without a pass may not play or coach.
Ø  Assign proper size ball to game: 
o   Divisions 4/5  [small field] (U8, U9, U10, U11, U12) play with a #4
o   Divisions 3 [large field] (U13, U14) play with a #5


Ø  The referee is in charge of the field – support the referee.  Be available, if a problem arises, alert tournament officials at Venue Headquarters to take appropriate action.

Ø  If a player is injured, the Field Marshal must contact Venue Headquarters, DO NOT CALL 911.  We have Emergency Services on premise (HSL).


Ø  Check with referee for any cards issued.  If none issued, all passes can be give back to the coaches.  If cards issued – yellow & red:  note team name, state, player’s name, player’s pass number, age, gender, infraction and penalty on the game report card; additionally, if RED:  pull the player’s pass and give it to a tournament official at Venue Headquarters.  Coach must see a Tournament Official about the procedure to retrieve pass.

Ø  Game report card must be completed.  All game cards, with the exception of those for consolations & finals, will show the names of the team playing; consolations & finals will have the flight names only, and the field marshal should fill in the team names.

Ø  Make sure both coaches, the referee, and the field marshal sign the game cards.

Ø  Give ball bag to next field marshal or return to Venue Headquarters (if last game of the day).

Ø  Immediately take the completed game card to the Venue Headquarters at your Site

NAME : Donna Francis             Cell:  201-841-4215 or

              Greg Somjen              Cell:  973=713-4854