General Questions:

1. What are the dates for the next tournament? August 25 and 26, 2018

2. What age groups will the tournament host? Both boys and girls, U9 (2010), U10 (2009), U11 (2008), U12 (2007), U13 (2006), U14 (2005) and U15 (2004).

3. How many players will be on the field for each team? U9 and U10 will each play 7 v 7; U11 and U12 will play 9 v 9; U13, U14 and U15 will play 11 v 11.

4. How many games are we guaranteed? You are guaranteed four (4).

5. How many guest players may we have? You may have up to five (5) guest players.

6. How much is this year’s tournament? U9 and U10 is $399; U11 and U12 is $425 and U13, U14 and U15 teams are $450.

7. Will you accept last year’s player passes or US Club Passes?  We will accept any US Youth Soccer Pass (NJ or other State) from the spring (last) season or the fall (upcoming) season or US Club Passes* from the upcoming fall season.  The team passes and the roster you present must be from the same year and then the guest players can be from either last season (if using US Youth Soccer Pass) or this season.  For all players including guest players a valid medical release form must also be presented.  NO PASS, NO PLAY, NO EXCEPTION (coach or player).  We also need player uniform numbers at registration.

*Please be aware US Youth Soccer Passes are valid from September 1 to August 31 and US Club Passes are valid from August 1 to July 31.  For this reason, we do not accept last seasons US Club Passes for any player.

Application / Payment:

8. How do I apply for the tournament? Application for the tournament is done online only.  Go to www.roxburysoccer.com click on travel tournament tab which will take you to the tournament website.  Then look for the “SIGN UP NOW” button.

9. When do I make payment and to whom?
Payment must be made via credit card immediately when you apply online.  We are no longer accepting checks.  Your registration submission cannot be completed without providing a credit card number.  Only after you are accepted will your CC will be charged.

10. If we are accepted do I have to register ahead of time? Yes, after acceptance you have to register your team with us.  You can do that one of two ways.  First option is you can electronically register by the e-registration deadline.  Instructions for e-registration are available online at our web page.


You can come on Fri, 08/24/18 from 6 –10 PM to the Roxbury Recreation / Senior Center located at 72 Eyland Avenue, Succasunna, NJ and register in person.

11. What do I have to bring to registration or send with my electronic registration?
You will need to provide the following things to us in advance of the tournament.  We urge making use of the e-registration process.  Instructions for e-registration are available online at our web page.
a.     You have to bring or provide a COPY of your state roster which we keep.
b.    You have to bring or provide each player’s approved player pass.  Including any guest players.
c.     You have to bring or acknowledge you have each player’s medical release form.  Including any guest players.
d.    You have to bring or provide each coach approved coaches pass.
e.     If traveling from outside Region 1, you must also have a permission to travel form.
f.     Player uniform numbers for all players on the team, including guest players.

12. If we are not accepted will our payment be returned?  If you are not accepted your Credit Card will not be charged.

13. If after applying and paying we have a change in circumstance or change in desire to participate will we get a refund? If you have a change in circumstance or a change in your desire to participate before being accepted you will get a full refund.  Once you are accepted, however, you will forfeit your registration fee if you do not participate for any reason.  We rely on applicants to resolve conflicts (i.e. player availability, etc.) before applying.  Once accepted we rely on the teams’ commitments to develop our flights, scheduling and other things and it is extremely challenging to make changes.  Please work out all conflicts before applying.