Which Sports Players Run the Most?

Which sports players run the most? To any soccer fan, or soccer mom or dad there is not doubt. Soccer. In fact the difference is startling. The major Pro and school sports of baseball, football and basketball can't hold a candle to the distance covered by by most soccer players, withe the exception of a keeper. Only Tennis comes even remotely close. Though not as large as the pros, youth soccer players from U11 up often play on fields that are as large as or larger than a football field. Even if these players only cover 75% of the distance it would mean they are covering 21 miles in a 4 game tournament over two days! (if they play the entire game) More than the distance of a half marathon, even without playing the entire game.

Who runs the most? Midfielders, particularly right midfielders. Keepers run the least but hey, they do have a pretty crazy job. On a side note, only 2% of that running is with the ball.

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Data Source - The New York Post

Heat Exhaustion, Play Smart

The past few weeks in NJ have provided us with some staggering heat. Temperature's in the 90's have been pretty consistent, as has relatively high humidity, a potentially deadly combination. Although it appears we'll get a break next week, there is still plenty of summer ahead. As you and your child venture out to final summer tournaments and get ready to start your travel teams camps, be aware of the environment they are playing in.

Playing in high temperature without proper hydration and supervision can prove to be anywhere from bothersome to dangerous. Make sure your child has plenty of water or sports drinks available to them both before and during games and practices.

Have a safe warm up to your upcoming season by practicing sensible precautions. Your child will play better and be safer.

There are many sites and resources available on how to recognize heat exhaustion. Make sure your aware of the signs of heat exhaustion and fatigue. Here are a few sites to visit.

NOTE: We do not offer medical advice and are not responsible for the information found on these sites. Read and use this information at your own risk.

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