Thank you, we hope everyone had a great time.

Thanks to all the teams who joined us for this years Roxbury Soccer Kick-off Classic. We hope you all had a great time and will join us again next year.

Endurance: How to Keep Your Soccer Team Ahead of the Pack

The beauty of soccer is its accessibility to many levels of skill, especially for youth leagues. Travel and premier teams can control the level of talent they have on their team, but you can't control for the level of talent your competitors have.

The Great Equalizer; Endurance

Soccer is a long game with lots of running. The team with the most hustle and endurance can sometimes make up a skill level difference of a competitor. This becomes even more important in tournament play where a team might play four games in two days. For instance, "in this nonstop game of 90 minutes or more, endurance. You need to be able to run six or more miles, sprinting, jogging and sometimes going backwards at full speed if you are a defender" says

The best time to build your endurance is before the season starts, an continuing to build as the long season wears on.

See some Endurance Exercises here.

Staying Fit Between Soccer Seasons

It's good for young athletes to take some time off to recover between seasons. Taking time off does should not mean sitting on the couch watching TV. Staying in shape during the winter months can help avoid injury once the next soccer season starts up.

Once you stop playing and training, muscle cells lose most of what they have gained quickly (10 days to two weeks), but the cardiovascular system loses its gains more slowly. Staying in shape during a break requires a mix of frequency, intensity, and duration. Find out how to keep in shape with this great article