Team Info

2018 KICK-OFF CLASSIC Team Information Form 

This form must be completed by all teams that are participating in our tournament.
 After completing this form completely, please upload it to your GotSoccer event page under the “document” tab.

 Please see “Check-In Instructions” on our web site for instructions and options to check-in.
1.  Log into your GotSoccer team account. (The site where you applied to the tournament.)
2.  Click on our “Roxbury Soccer Club Tournament”.
3.  Click on the “Documents” tab at the very right.
4.  Upload file (lower right of screen) by selecting “Roxbury KOC Team Information Form”.
5.  Upload the other documents that are also listed in the File Name / Description list.

Team Information: 
 Full Club / Team Name: Coach Name:

Coach Cell Phone Number:

Secondary Contact Name: Secondary Cell Phone Number:

 Medical Release Certification:

I certify that I am in possession of a medical release form for each rostered player, including guest players, that are signed by the player’s parent and/or guardian.

Print Name:

Sign Name:

Rules Acknowledgement: 

I certify that I have read the tournament rules and am responsible for my teams’ compliance with published rules.  All spectators, players and coaches are expected to respect the tournament rules, facility rules and any applicable local, state and federal laws. The Tournament prohibits the use, consumption or presence of any alcohol and tobacco products at any tournament sites. This will be strictly enforced throughout the weekend. Team coaches and managers are responsible for ensuring compliance of the Tournament rules and appropriate sideline behavior.  Any violators will be reported to the Tournament Directors and any teams violating the rules, including the prohibition on alcohol and tobacco, will be subject to expulsion from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.

Print Name:

Sign Name: